Česká plynárenská a.s.

About us

České plynovody a.s. was formed in 2009 in accordance with the broader intentions of our group to invest in development projects in the gas industry in the Czech Republic.

The main aim is to strengthen the liquidity of the Czech gas market as a necessary condition for increasing the commercial attractiveness of the newly liberalised market. In particular, it involves the preparation and implementation of the MOZART Project – interconnection of the Czech and Austrian gas system in the north-south direction.

The CE GROUP sees the prospects and opportunity to build a high-liquidity environment just in the territory of the Czech Republic, which is situated in a strategic location directly on the backbone transit gas pipeline from Russia. The vicinity of the newly integrated business environment of Gaspool is an advantage, too. Until now, the Czech market has been relatively considerably limited by a very restricted number of cross-border interconnections to neighbouring gas distribution systems (Lanžhot, Waidhaus and Hora Svaté Kateřiny) and by the dominant role of the owner of the transit transport system.



Mozart Is Heading to Austria

A new high-pressure gas pipeline for transporting natural gas is to interconnect the Czech and Austrian gas systems. The main goal of interconnecting the Czech and Austrian gas systems is to ensure a higher level of safety and reliability of the deliveries of natural gas to the Czech Republic and Austria and to efficiently use the two parallel transport routes NET4GAS and WAG. Today, the representatives of the Czech and Austrian Ministries of Industry and Trade, gas industry experts from both countries and representatives of financial institutions were discussing the details of the whole project and mutual cooperation in its implementation in the residence of Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff, the Austrian Ambassador in Prague. The conference was held under the auspices of Petr Nečas, the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

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